What does 20+ years of
40% annual growth
mean for UX?

What Growth Means

For the UX practice, growth means opportunity. The opportunity to work on complex projects, to collaborate with highly talented people across disciplines, to shape our practice and grow our careers. Technology is our heritage and our DNA, and powers us to take on increasingly complex and impactful UX.

About the practice

Our work matters. The UX practice at Klick plays a critical role in shaping solutions that impact the lives of patient’s and the people who care for them. As practitioners, we’re deeply committed to our craft. At Klick, we have the opportunity to work with industry leaders across strategy, creative, and technology to bring innovative UX solutions that bridge the digital and physical world to life. Our work makes a difference. And wins awards.

Our Work

The UX team is responsible for leading and delivering the design of awesome, empathetic user-centric experiences across mobile and tablet apps, web sites, web applications, intranets and more. This includes activities such as information architecture development, interaction design, usability testing, diagramming, heuristics and requirements gathering facilitation.

Our team is embedded in the creative department. We work closely with design, editorial, and technology to bring our visions to life.

How Genome Helps Us

Genome is Klick's operating system. It gives us a real-time head's up view of all the data we need to run our practice and projects effectively. It helps us keep our focus by prioritizing day-to-day tasks. And by removing the burden of almost all our administrative tasks we're free to focus on our craft.

Genome also helps us to keep the feeling of a small company, even while we grow. Chatter, our in house social network is a thriving source of news, jokes, interesting facts, and kudos.

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Team Blog Posts
At Klick Health, we constantly strive to innovate with design processes and toolsets to deliver better work faster and more cost-effectively. Focusing on our User Experience Design efforts, the most recent addition to our stable of capabilities is clickable website prototypes.
Last weekend the SickKids health center hosted a Hacking Health event that was an excellent opportunity to take a look at new and exciting innovations in the health space. I went as a mentor and I got to see a ton of fantastic ideas brought from the conceptual stage to actual working prototypes.
Sometimes the most simple, obvious concepts can be the hardest to internalize and keep present in your mind. Stories are powerful tools for teaching and learning, and we seem prone to enjoy them, remember them, and retell them. By wrapping concepts in a simple story, it makes them easy to remember, extends their reach, and can even make them viral.
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