What does 20+ years of
40% annual growth
mean for Technology?

What Growth Means

We are a growing company in a growing industry. That means our clients bring us bigger, more complex projects that allow us to find practical ways to use new technology. Technology is not a side project at Klick. It has been at the core of who we are for 20+ years, and we have been growing the tech team since day 1.

Your career at Klick is not going to be monotonous. Growth means that instead of slogging away on the same software, the same b2b solution, you’re going to have variety, new clients, new colleagues and new challenges. You will learn and grow here.

Our growth happens horizontally, so instead of a few large teams, we have many small teams. This keeps us focused and engaged and gives us room to move and avoid boredom. Growth means we get the advantages of scale while still maintaining the feeling that comes with a small squad of talented people.

About the practice

Klick is about technology solutions for our clients. We are not a bank. We are not your typical agency. The work that you do is going to be seen and used by millions of patients, health care providers and caregivers around the world.

The tech team is the largest team at Klick, at over 100 people. But you won’t get lost, because we’re structured in smaller teams. You will work on websites, mobile apps, fully integrated eCRM and marketing programs, corporate intranets, document management systems, and whatever technology needs our clients have that we don’t know about yet.

Two out of three of our founders code. People understand technology at Klick.

How Genome Helps Us

Genome helps us spend more time solving hard problems, and less time on admin. With Genome, there is no ambiguity about what needs to be done, when, by whom, and why. The full context for every project and every task is always right there. And since we link Genome tickets into hierarchies, and into our git version control system branches, we're always a shortcut away from intelligently searching the collective history of the entire Tech team's knowledge.

genome clip

Business Analyst

We are very excited to be building out our Enterprise Solutions team to deliver data driven initiatives to meet our clients' needs in the healthcare industry. We have a solid practice at Klick, with strong client engagements and are looking to elevate it by building on the CRM and Direct Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Campaign Operations, Technology and Analytics solutions that we have been successful with to date.

Technical Director

As a Technical Director you’ll report to one of our VP's of Technology with a focus on a defined portfolio of clients. You will serve as the technical lead on client accounts ranging from $3 million to $13 million+. You require knowledge of Application Development, Web Development, Quality Assurance and Systems Administration as you will be representing all of these disciplines on your accounts.

Quality Assurance Analyst

As a QA Analyst, you will design, develop, execute, and automate test plans and scripts for all stages of the web product development lifecycle, based on company defined processes and methods.

CRM Strategist – Data Driven Marketing (Patient and HCP) – Toronto, NYC, Philly or Remote

CRM Strategy Role Overview - Are you passionate and enthusiastic about your CRM Craft skills?.....then this could be the role for you! • The CRM Strategy role is to develop cross channel connected customer journeys and marketing programs that Influence Consumer behavior at key points in the patient journey AND positively Impact Success KPIs. The CRM Strategist’s role is unique at Klick in that CRM is a subject matter expert that is involved from beginning to end in the development of the program and beyond, for program optimization. From the consumer (Patient, Caregiver or HCP) point of view, the CRM craft aims to improve patient lives by delivering meaningful/helpful/relevant information at the right time of across the consumer journey in the channel tactic that the consumer prefers.

Senior Application Developer

We need detail oriented, architecturally strong software developers who know how to get things done. We’re not picky about what tools, languages or frameworks you know. We want to know about how smart you are and what you've accomplished. Whatever your platform of choice. Our belief is that if you have the "right stuff" learning a new language or framework is much easier than learning how to be the kind of motivated leader who will succeed here at Klick. Of course this assumes you're open-minded about the tools you use and more interested in the type and complexity of the problems you'll get to solve than the tools you'll use to solve them.

Senior Developer

Our Platforms team works to manage marketing and analytics data to orchestrate campaigns and drive insights.

Application Developer

We are looking for architecturally strong software developers who can think critically and come up with innovative ways to solve problems.

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist (CRM)

We are looking for a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist to join our team of data geeks to help us ensure accuracy and quality of our data, ETL processes, feeds, web services and applications. As a Senior QA Specialist, you will design, write, execute and automate data quality test plans, and work with other teams to help them ensure the accuracy of their data.

Campaign Specialist

The Campaign Specialist collaborates with Business Analysts, Strategy, Relationship Marketing and Analytics teams to define marketing campaign requirements, supports the design, then implements, deploys and monitors various marketing campaigns for our clients.


We are looking for quality assurance specialists to join a group of data geeks to help us ensure the accuracy and quality of our data, ETL processes, feeds, web services and applications. As a Data QA Specialist, you will design, write, execute and automate data quality test plans, and work with other teams to help them ensure the accuracy of their data.

Platform Data Architect

We're looking for a Platform Data Architect to elevate our product team approach and process with regards to database structure, ETLs, data-warehouse, BI and dashboarding. Creating data marts should be second nature and already come to the table with best practices and knowledge of industry best in class solutions.

Senior Front End Developer

We're looking for a Senior Front End Developer to join our team maintaining and enhancing a large SaaS application. You'll be exposed to a variety of rendering frameworks and techniques, and will be part of a 6-person SCRUM team alongside a Senior Front End Developer.

VP, Technology

We’re looking to expand the skill set of our technical team. We have a highly-skilled full service technical team including developers, QA, hosting, systems, security, privacy and dev ops. Every single member of the team has passed a developer skills test (<3% of applicants pass). We’re looking for someone who has those same coding chops, but has a little something extra: the ability to identify opportunity and sell. We have tons of technical ability, and we want to take full advantage of that ability by selling tons of technical work.

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist (Brand)

We are looking for a talented Senior Quality Assurance Specialist to join our dynamic QA Team at Klick. You will have the opportunity to constantly upgrade your skills and work on awesome marketing digital projects such as responsive websites, virtual reality, augmented reality, and integrated systems. You will report to our QA Manager and also work closely with a supportive and friendly team of developers, UX and project managers.

Team Blog Posts
Last weekend the SickKids health center hosted a Hacking Health event that was an excellent opportunity to take a look at new and exciting innovations in the health space. I went as a mentor and I got to see a ton of fantastic ideas brought from the conceptual stage to actual working prototypes.
Sometimes the most simple, obvious concepts can be the hardest to internalize and keep present in your mind. Stories are powerful tools for teaching and learning, and we seem prone to enjoy them, remember them, and retell them. By wrapping concepts in a simple story, it makes them easy to remember, extends their reach, and can even make them viral.
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