What does 19 years of
40% annual growth
mean for Strategy?

What Growth Means

This rate of sustained growth creates a playground for digital health strategists. As strategists, we love to solve novel, meaningful, and complex business problems for our clients. Our growth allows us to achieve this in a number of ways. We're able to align strategists to accounts, so our work is not fire and forget. We design and shepherd solutions over their entire life. Because digital and healthcare are merging, our canvas gets bigger every day. And our growth allows us to attract the industry's best minds, so the solutions we design are executed at the highest possible levels.

About the practice

The strategy team at Klick are a group of senior digital business leaders and analysts. We work with subject matter strategy experts in media, CRM, technology, and other disciplines to solve marketing related business problems. We are aligned to specific accounts as advisors and business partners, engaging with our clients throughout the lifecycle. We’re not just planners, we’re focussed on results. We hold the vision for what the solutions needs to achieve through execution, analysis, and optimization.

How Genome Helps Us

Genome empowers and enables us. It expands our native capabilities by connecting us to a network of brilliant minds. Answers are only a Chatter post away. We're able to draw on a vast source of data to help inform our intuition about what's working and what might need a tweak. Genome also keeps us organized and accountable with smart prioritization and full transparency into every project. Genome also helps with professional development through quantitative and qualitative goals. By easing admin tasks, Genome really helps us focus on our craft.

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Social Community Manager

As Community Manager you will be responsible for social media research, strategy and content creation.

Digital Healthcare Strategist

As a Strategist at Klick Health, you'll work under a VP who will lead the overall strategy work for the assigned group of clients or brands you support. You're an expert at showing clients how to connect directly with consumers and indirectly through key influencers.

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