What does 20+ years of 40% annual growth
mean for Sensei Labs?

Sensei Labs

Sensei Labs is the newest Klick endeavor — a grand experiment in bringing the philosophies and technologies of the world’s largest independent digital health agency to market for everyone else to adopt and build on. We’re taking everything that’s made Klick successful and packaging that magic into an awesome SaaS application and service offering for companies of 100 - 2500 people. This is an opportunity to join us as we get started re-inventing the technology of human achievement.

About Sensei Labs

Building on our New York Times best seller The Decoded Company, and on the technologies we’ve built to power our own growth, Sensei Labs is the newest member of the Klick family. We’re a project team within Klick, building on all our amazing Klick siblings to launch our products and services to the world.

How Genome Helps Us

Genome is the core of everything Klick does and a big part of the reason we’ve been so successful. Genome will also be the core of Sensei Labs — at least in a spiritual sense — as we bring its technologies to the market (see our M-Prize in Unleashing Human Potential for more about Genome). SenseiOS is a combination of Genome and the ideas from The Decoded Company, adapted into an enterprise operating system for companies of 100 - 2500 people in virtually any industry.

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Product Designer

We’re looking for a Product Designer to join our rapidly growing team at Sensei Labs as we evolve our digital workplace management platform.

Technical Architect

Help us re-inventing the technology of human achievement! We need detail oriented, architecturally strong software developers who know how to get things done, and who can lead and design the technical components of a project. We’re not picky about what tools, languages or frameworks you know. We want to know about how smart you are and what you've accomplished, whatever your platform of choice. Our belief is that if you have the "right stuff" learning a new language or framework is much easier than learning how to be the kind of motivated leader who will succeed here at Klick. Of course this assumes you're open-minded about the tools you use and more interested in the type and complexity of the problems you'll get to solve than the tools you'll use to solve them.

Customer Success Coach

At Sensei Labs, Customer Success Coaches are not what you might expect at other traditional SaaS organizations. CSCs at Sensei Labs are the epicenter of the customer journey. We are support and customer experience experts, strategists, orchestrators, collaborators, connectors, analytical thinkers and business drivers. Most importantly, we are curators of awesome!

Customer Support Specialist

At Sensei Labs, Customer Support Specialists are our first line response to customer requests. CSSs take in and triage incoming requests, craft a personalized and thoughtful responses and follow up with deep empathy care care for customer success.

Senior Front End Developer

We're looking for a Senior Front End Developer to join our team maintaining and enhancing a large SaaS application. You'll be exposed to a variety of rendering frameworks and techniques, and will be part of a 6-person SCRUM team alongside a Senior Front End Developer.

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