What does 20+ years of
40% annual growth
mean for Media?

What Growth Means

For the media team, 40% annual growth means more influence. It means more opportunity to test ideas. And more opportunity to learn and grow. It also means excitement, with new clients, new capabilities, and new colleagues. Our growth feeds our culture and our amazing perks. And of course, huge careers opportunity.

About the practice

This quote from a newer member of the media team really sums up the difference about the media at Klick: “This is the first place I’ve worked where the right people were in the room at the right time asking good questions”.

At Klick we work across the entire patient journey, and not just at a single point of purchase. Media works with the strategy, client services, creative, and technology teams to design fully integrated programs.

Everything we do is rooted in data. We’re able to go way beyond impressions to measure the true value of a click. The media and analytics practices play a fundamental role in defining strategies and solutions.

This is a high trust, high empowerment environment, where everyone is looking out for the client’s best interest.

How Genome Helps Us

Genome takes care of a lot of day to day grunt work, allowing us to focus on our craft. It helps prioritize our work and keeps us on target. It keeps us plugged in to the whole company and allows us to build relationships outside our teams.

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