What does 20+ years of
40% annual growth
mean for Marketing & Client Experience?

What Growth Means

For the Marketing Lab, 20+ years of 40% annual growth means being able to do the work here you’ve only dreamed of doing elsewhere. It means working with the smartest and most talented colleagues you could hope for. It means having a nearly unlimited canvas to be wildly creative, and never ever being bored. It means rising to the challenge of being the best version of yourself, everyday.

About the practice

You know that 40% growth we keep talking about? That’s what we do. The Marketing Lab is responsible for shaping and growing how people think about Klick. We’re designers, writers, filmmakers, developers, communicators, and strategists. We create events, experiences, and communiques for both prospective clients and prospective colleagues. This dual focus means we get to play with both the science of B2B and the creativity of CPG. We have a lot of fun. We produce a lot of work. We win a lot of awards. We eat a lot of spicy food.

How Genome Helps Us

Genome keeps us plugged in to the company and takes care of all the boring stuff, letting us focus on creating amazing experiences. Paperwork, project management, admin… all of that and more are automated and happen in the background. On it’s own that would be enough, but it’s the social aspects of Genome that take it beyond useful and make it fun. We collaborate a lot across the company, so it’s very useful to see all the great stuff going on.

genome clip

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Team Blog Posts
I am incredibly proud of what everyone at Klick Health has accomplished this past year. We’ve done great work, made a difference in thousands of peoples lives, and grown our team by over one hundred people.
Every year after SXSW I like to write a blog post to help reflect and cement the information I’ve taken in. This was my 8th or 9th consecutive visit to SXSW interactive. I’ve witnessed the birth of blogging, of social media, of mobile, of data visualization, and now of something new.
We are very, very proud to announce that Klick Health was named 2012 Agency of the Year by PM360! This is a huge honour, and a testament to the hard work and dedication of the amazing team here at Klick.
Why have HCPs adopted digital devices like smartphones and tablets at such an enormous rate? I’ve got a few theories, gleaned from conversations and personal relationships that I’d like to share.
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