What does 20+ years of
40% annual growth
mean for Klick Labs?

What Growth Means

This rate of growth at Klick is a breeding ground for innovation that directly impacts the Labs team. The Lab team is ever-expanding with unique and eclectic expertise. As digital explorers, we are immersed in ever-changing technologies. As strategists, we love to solve novel, meaningful and complex business problems for our clients. Because digital and healthcare are merging, our canvas gets bigger every day and our growth allows us to attract the industry's best minds. The result: solutions that exceed expectations and successful experiments that if commercially successful, are incubated within the agency by becoming new offerings.

About the practice

EXPONENTIAL technologies are reshaping our industry faster than anyone could have expected.

The Lab started as a technology "playground" designed to validate new technology and assess their viability for Klick. In those days, we simply acquired lots of toys (Google glass, Apple watch, Oculus Rift, etc). The Lab has since expanded our mandate from adoption towards innovation and invention. In this "post-technology" environment, the problems we have to solve often fall in the domain of behavioral science. Everything we do is ultimately used by humans: behavior modification, education, engagement and ultimately these are not technology issues.

The Lab is currently staffed with software developers, anatomists, AI programmers, 3D game designers, electrical engineers, art directors, a neuroscientist and digital strategists. We also tap into other talented team resources for UX, human factors, business analysis, data science or commercial strategy.

How Genome Helps Us

Genome helps us connect and share important technology updates, get feedback and organize our processes. Our internal social media platform Chatter allows us to reach our vast network of skilled colleagues whether it’s an exciting new tech tidbit, a request for some input on experiments or to just share a hilarious meme. Genome helps us spend more time experimenting and ideating in the Lab and less time on admin.

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Medical Science Consultant

I'm looking for someone to join the medical science team. This person should have experience and understanding of the healthcare industry, particularly with respect to the science of how medications work, and how patients are managed across different therapeutic areas. This person will straddle client facing / project management responsibilities for the team and individually contributing as a subject matter expert. They should have an interest in the business side of healthcare. which can take the form of basic drug development research, drug/device development, clinical development, marketing/sales of approved products, delivery of medical products and services, or reimbursement.

What Culture Feels Like
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