What does 20+ years of
40% annual growth
mean for Genome?

What Growth Means

For the Genome team, the growth of the company means our tools and solutions need to scale as well. As we add people, or even entire departments, we encounter brand new needs, and we also get great new ideas for continuous improvement. Growth really just gives us the opportunity to impact more people in more ways.

About the practice

Our team continuously works on improving Genome, building new solutions, revising old ones, and interfacing with every department and person in the company. Our solutions are wide ranging and vary in complexity. Sometimes the Genome team can have a huge impact by making a very small change to a system, or even helping to create offline solutions that are only peripherally supported by Genome. Sometimes we build huge systems that have complex workflows, business rules, analytics and much more. We are technical and creative, strategic and empathetic. We work fast and loose but also slowly and deliberately. We are both master craftspeople and tinkerers.

Some would think that we have no clients to whom we are accountable - but that is not how we see it. All the employees in our company are our clients, and they are no less demanding than paying clients! That is what is great about working on Genome. Our team has the flexibility and the opportunity to change course and make decisions based on the current needs of the company, and based on the reach and impact that we can deliver.

How Genome Helps Us

Really? Our team builds Genome! But we also use Genome every day to collaborate and to manage our projects. We love to use the tools we build, and when we don't love something, we know that others must feel the same - so we fix it! We love to show it off, we love to explain how it works, we love to surprise and delight.

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