What does 20+ years of
40% annual growth
mean for Finance & Operations?

What Growth Means

It means doing things differently! We’ve automated nearly everything, and run a very creative finance and operations team. Growth means the chance to put innovation to work and to stretch our wings with new offices in new countries. Growth means new challenges and never being bored.

About the practice

We are a remarkably small and nimble group. Our systems manage most of the day to day, allowing us to focus on offering high value advice and analysis. We’re responsible for keeping the business on solid footing and for employee benefit programs.

How Genome Helps Us

Because all of the company’s workflow and data flows through Genome, we always have up to the minute financial data at our fingertips. And because all work and finance data is stored in a single database we’re able to do some very precise and insightful analysis.

genome clip

Financial Analyst

We’re looking to create a new role for a Financial Analyst so that we can level-up our modeling and reporting capabilities as we continue to grow and expand our business

Talent Acquisition Partner

Here at Klick we are growing fast and we are looking for a Talent Acquisition Partner to join us on a full time basis.

Our Mojo
What Culture Feels Like
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