What does 20+ years of
40% annual growth
mean for Finance & Operations?

What Growth Means

It means doing things differently! We’ve automated nearly everything, and run a very creative finance and operations team. Growth means the chance to put innovation to work and to stretch our wings with new offices in new countries. Growth means new challenges and never being bored.

About the practice

We are a remarkably small and nimble group. Our systems manage most of the day to day, allowing us to focus on offering high value advice and analysis. We’re responsible for keeping the business on solid footing and for employee benefit programs.

How Genome Helps Us

Because all of the company’s workflow and data flows through Genome, we always have up to the minute financial data at our fingertips. And because all work and finance data is stored in a single database we’re able to do some very precise and insightful analysis.

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Director, Total Rewards

We are hiring a Director, Total Rewards for our Finance and Operations group at Klick Inc.

Facilities Coordinator

We're looking for a Facilities Coordinator who knows how to get stuff done. The perfect candidate is a handy, solutions oriented individual with a flare for customer service. As we continue to grow our space, we need a reliable individual to help coordinate and arrange deliveries, assist with event set up and tear down, and generally assist the facilities team on ad hoc projects when required.

Office Coordinator

Klick is looking for an Office Coordinator to undertake a variety of day-to-day office responsibilities as well as important organizational tasks. You will be an integral part of the Klick team, and specifically the Facilities team, ensuring that our office operations run smoothly.

Travel Experience

Do you have a passion for business travel and being part of a small in-house travel team? Do you enjoy working as part of a small close knit team? Are you reliable and able to communicate well with all levels of the business, offering top notch customer service and support? If you are looking for a challenging but fun career, then look no further.

Tax Director

We’re looking to hire a Tax Director, who can run with everything tax-related for Klick. While we have support from top-tier tax firms, we want someone who can give direction, prepare inputs, monitor and review deliverables, handle appropriate projects in-house, and constantly improve our systems and processes. The right person for the job will have a strong passion for tax, will thrive in a mid-sized growing company, and will be confident in their ability to work independently, in an organized and detail-oriented fashion.

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