What does 20+ years of
40% annual growth
mean for Editorial?

What Growth Means

The kind of ongoing growth that we live with at Klick means that we can push our practice and careers further and faster than anywhere else. The sky's the limit! For example, at some point someone on the team said "wouldn't it be great if we had people on staff who could actually think like MRL (Med, Reg, Legal) reviewers?" From that, a whole new role of medical editor as regulatory consultant was born. Along with that came an entire new skill set and offering for the editorial team. There are many other stories about our team’s growth and how it has freed up time for people to work on improving their craft and take on management responsibilities. Growth creates opportunities for people to shine and perform at their best.

About the practice

Do you hear that? It’s the hum of the editorial team. It’s the sound of word nerds and science-y types asking each other AMA style questions, sharing solutions for common MRL submission challenges and debating an interpretation of an FDA guideline.

The type of work being done in the Editorial department has evolved from traditional substantive editing and proofreading to include medical editing, medical fact-checking, MRL submission prep & management, pitch work, regulatory consulting, MRL education & strategy, as well as style guide, quality checklist and requirements document creation.

We’re a group of meticulous go-getters. We’re the people friends send their resumes to before they apply for a job. We believe bad punctuation really should be punishable by law. Attention to detail is key, but so is empathy and diplomacy. After all, our friends keep sending us their work, no matter how many edits we’ve made.

How Genome Helps Us

Genome is our one-stop shop for everything we need to know. You know those superhero twins? Together, they’re stronger than either could be alone. That’s Genome and Editorial. Genome removes noise and ambiguity, allowing us to focus where it matters. We’re able to manage large and complex projects with confidence and grace. By tapping into the gut feel of everyone on the team, we constantly take the temperature of each project to identify potential risks - all while perusing pictures of your colleagues' cats. It's weirdly wonderful.

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