What does 19 years of
40% annual growth
mean for Client Services?

What Growth Means

Forty percent annual growth means new clients, new challenges, and new team members. It means a growing toolbox of amazing new people, ideas and technology to put in front of your clients. It means working closely with our clients to shape the future of their businesses. And of course, it means huge career growth.

About the practice

The Client Services team at Klick is the place where you can do the best work of your career. There’s just so much more support here than you’re used to. We have no big network issues, no posturing, no politics, and no BS. You’ve never worked with a team like this.

You will deliver fantastic work to your clients. Why? Your team. CS partners with the PMO to run our portfolios. Because our PMO partners are so strong, you can focus solely on meeting the needs of your clients, knowing that delivery and finances are in amazing hands. Account-level leads on creative, strategy, and technology are embedded in your team. They care about your clients as much as you do.

At all levels within Client Services, Account Directors and Group Account Directors have a tremendous amount of ownership and autonomy to do what’s right for our clients. We are highly empathetic, and highly competitive. We are always looking for the win/win, and we play as hard as we work.

How Genome Helps Us

Genomes is our instant insight system. It gives us access to critical data, formatted to suit our individual needs, accessible from anywhere. We know exactly what is going on with every project on every account. No waiting. No digging. It’s easy for us to ensure the work is delivered at a high quality, on time and on budget. Genome also connects all the teams across the company. It’s a network of ideas and people who all care about solving client problems.

genome clip

Senior Account Director – Greater NYC area

We are seeking a Senior Account Director to join our outstanding team of Client Service professionals. A Senior Account Director works with their Group Account Director to act as a liaison between clients and internal teams. This includes working closely with clients to establish specific marketing needs and identifying business opportunities to meet these needs.

Group Account Director

I’m actively seeking a Group Account Director to join our outstanding team of Client Service professionals. The ideal candidate will be an experienced client services individual who can demonstrate awesome “spidey senses” as they are responsible for playing a lead role in the definition of innovative and effective digital initiatives across all channels (brand strategy, online advertising, site build, search to name a few) and will be our client’s ambassador within the Klick family. This individual will excel at articulating our client’s brand vision and objectives to our internal teams while maintaining responsibility for all client relationships.

Account Director (Philadelphia)

Klick Health is seeking an Account Director to join our outstanding team of Client Service professionals.

Team Blog Posts
What makes for a great client relationship? Well of course it’s the usual: ensure that you deliver on everything you promised, do it on time, and do it on budget; this just makes sense.
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