That’s a pretty big number. That’s how much Klick grows every single year. We have no plans of stopping.

Our Culture

Growing is one of the things we're good at

Growing is one of the things we’re good at, and the most important ingredient to growth is people. Everyone says they have the best people, but very few have the structure in place to make that real. We do.

Our People

Culture Makes Things Easy

Klick Culture is about creating an environment where the very best people can do their very best work. We have a whole team dedicated to making that real, and they sprinkle Klicksters with awesome, ridiculous and just plain fun on a daily basis.

Culture makes things easy: asking questions, solving problems, sharing the work you’re most proud of, being recognized for that work, getting to know your colleagues, learning something new, staying healthy, balancing work and life and generally loving (nearly) every minute in the office.


Technology is in our blood

Technology is in our blood at Klick. We use technology to make your life easier through our internal system Genome. Genome is our everything: timesheets, tasks, project management, communication, social, events, expenses and many, many more. You name a business problem, Genome solves it. We have a whole team dedicated to that too, so our systems are as nimble as we are and truly help you get your work done. We can’t imagine life without Genome.

Grow with us.

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