VP, Strategy (Digital Pharma)

Location: Based out of New York or Chicago

Hi, I’m Cam Bedford and I head up the Strategy and Analytics team at Klick Health. Our team works with our clients to help define digital solutions to their marketing challenges and bring them ideas that can grow their business. We work with our creative and user experience teams to bring these solutions to life. And we measure the results of the work to make sure it is delivering value to our clients’ business and develop the insights and recommendations to optimize it and continually improve. The people on our team have a deep understanding of digital marketing, love solving business problems and have a passion for innovation in the digital space.

Why a multi-disciplinary focus?

We feel that a single advertising tactic can not possibly address the marketing challenges faced by our clients today. Consumers’ expectations have changed along with their media consumption habits. The best solutions (in our opinion) will integrate a variety of tactical initiatives across silos, which may have historically been described as brand advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, etc. It is critical that our strategy team appreciate the nuances, harmony, and potential of these various disciplines.

Why a dedicated strategy team?

We believe that the best marketing solutions are crafted by individuals who have a wealth of diverse experience to call upon. Consider it being a jack of all trades while also being a master of many. Our approach is to hand pick our strategy team to align the mastery of skill sets amongst the group to ensure full spectrum coverage. Consider it the superfriends approach to problem solving.

Can a digital agency be the primary AOR?

Thinking digitally doesn’t always mean a solution grounded in a website. Rather, our true focus is to develop digital centric marketing programs. These programs leverage data rich and insight generating activities to increase the effectiveness of both offline and online marketing touch points and tactics. The result is often a multichannel blended approach which increases targeting precision, messaging relevance, program optimization, and investment impact. We don’t need to execute everything, but we need to have the strength to quarterback everything.

Our Planning Approach: Klick Katalyst

Building on the success of our regimented production processes, we decided to apply the same level of rigor in the development of our strategic planning framework. Our Klick Katalyst process is a unique approach to systematically engineer the development of a creative marketing solution that drives measurable business results.

Our strategy VP’s drive this planning process that lasts approximately 8 weeks for major client engagements. You can expect to be involved in the following types of activities during this process:

  • Client Consultation – The first step in effectively solving a problem is to clearly define it. This is where you really shine and set the stage by working closely with the client and our account management teams to assess and articulate the marketing challenge. Your ability to establish credibility and to generate consensus on the key challenges and prioritization of initiatives to address them is an important part of the value proposition we bring to the table for our clients.

  • Situational Analysis – With the challenge in hand, you’ll play a focal role in exploring the situation from all angles. Working with your multi-disciplinary colleagues, primary research may be conducted along with the review of multiple syndicated research sources to unearth compelling customer insights. Combine that with robust competitive analysis and you’re ready to identify and define the most efficacious approaches. To do this you should be as comfortable deciphering site analytics as you are visual collages from focus groups.

  • Ideation – The ideation phase will leverage your creative side as you work together with various groups (internally and externally) to design a comprehensive marketing program. We’re not just about developing a big idea, but rather, a plan that acknowledges micro-segmentation and the opportunities afforded by precision targeting. Although more complex, this is the true power of a digital centric approach that we unleash that ensures we maximize investment impact for our clients.

  • Prototyping – To bring the ideas to life, you will partner with our user experience, design, and technology teams (among others) to iterate through proof of concept work. You’ll use these prototypes to provide tangible fidelity to clients that will enable constructive feedback and consensus on the directions we propose.

  • Integration Planning – Consider this the secret sauce of the planning process. Mastering the complexities of robust segmentation and multiple parallel tactics will determine the relative success of a given program. You will quarterback a multi-disciplinary approach to assess interdependency risk and ensure alignment well in advance of the production process.

  • Solution Advocacy – As the solution works its way through delivery and deployment, you help ensure its integrity and function as a subject matter expert resolving any unforeseen issues that surface. You also function as a key communication conduit to third party vendors who may be critical to the implementation of a given program.

Are we on the same page?

We have some pretty strong beliefs about the state of the industry and the impact of technology on marketing effectiveness and accountability. Do you see the world through the same lenses that we do?

  • You understand that digital consumption has changed the expectations of consumers and static communications are being rapidly augmented by practical experiences grounded in utility.
  • You believe that we are evolving from an age of mass media to one of mass personalization leveraging micro-segmentation.
  • You feel marketing should be more accountable and you embrace the application of continual testing and refinement.
  • You see data and intelligence not as just numbers and scores, but rather as powerful opportunities to maximize customer relevance and value.
  • You believe that the traditional two person “creative team” is becoming obsolete and today’s approach requires the inclusion of broader multi-disciplinary skillsets such as user experience, marketing technology, and analytics.
  • You feel that the digital agency of the future should be able to quarterback a broader integrated marketing offering which includes providing direction and guidance to traditional agencies who may still be responsible for print and broadcast execution.

What else makes this exciting?

Focus on the work -

Being part of our strategy team will provide you with the opportunity to rediscover the reason you got into marketing in the first place. Your full attention will be placed on client problem solving and creating solutions that drive our clients’ business.

U.S. market opportunity –

Even though we’re based in Toronto, our main focus is on serving the much bigger market in the U.S. The larger marketing budgets allow for the design of comprehensive solutions that include more sophisticated tactics / tools than one might expect locally. Our Canadian charm and ingenuity has been an asset as we’re accustomed to squeezing far more value from a given budget.

Privately owned –

We suspect that you may not enjoy sending triplicate request forms to the New York mothership to plead for a new box of pencils. If multinational holding companies have left you frustrated, you’ll enjoy the greener grass at Klick and the freedom and flexibility of being privately owned.

What others have said -

Clearly anything we say about ourselves could be considered self-serving so why not consider what others have said? We’re pleased to be recognized in the company of other great organizations not only as a well managed firm, but also as a great place to work.

Experience and Skills:

For the sake of brevity, we’ve listed just a few select qualifications that we consider to be important. We can cover the rest when we chat.
– Management experience (5+ years) likely as an agency or client marketing senior manager or director
– Experience with digital marketing strategy development in multiple verticals (pharma/biotech preferred)
– Subject matter expertise in at least two marketing disciplines (ie. digital media planning, account planning, digital marketing, brand management, etc.)
– Superior client facing presentation & facilitation skills
– Creative problem solving skills with a passion for innovation
– Proven ability to thrive in a truly entrepreneurial environment
– A passion for health and wellness
– Experience in the Healthcare and pharma sector is a must

When you come to meet with me I’ll want to hear about how you have developed digital strategies and tactical plans to deliver business results – the insights, the recommendations and the results that you are proud of. I’d like to find out what type of work environment you like, what interests you about working at Klick and to see whether we click.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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