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Hey! I’m D’Arcy, Chief Technical Strategist here at Klick. I get to have the awesome privilege of leading the Sensei Labs technical team. We’re designing and building the platform that Gary Hamel, one of the world’s top management thinkers, awarded top prize in “Unleashing Human Achievement”, and is the twice-over winner of the Nielsen Norman Group’s Top Intranets in the World. I’m looking for an experienced technical architect to join the team and help further that that mission.

Sensei Labs is the newest Klick endeavor — a grand experiment in bringing the philosophies and technologies of the world’s largest independent digital health agency to market for everyone else to adopt and build on. We’re taking everything that’s made Klick successful and packaging that magic into an awesome SaaS application and service offering. This is an opportunity to join us as we get started re-inventing the technology of human achievement.

This is not an intranet in the usual sense of the word; it’s a single unified application that drives every aspect of our business and is constantly being updated with the latest cool and useful web technology. It’s a recruiting platform, work orchestrator, learning environment, social media site, ERP, and data cube browser all in one, among many, many other things.

We need detail oriented, architecturally strong software developers who know how to get things done, and who can lead and design the technical components of a project. We’re not picky about what tools, languages or frameworks you know. We want to know about how smart you are and what you’ve accomplished, whatever your platform of choice. Our belief is that if you have the “right stuff” learning a new language or framework is much easier than learning how to be the kind of motivated leader who will succeed here at Klick.

Of course this assumes you’re open-minded about the tools you use and more interested in the type and complexity of the problems you’ll get to solve than the tools you’ll use to solve them.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Meet with both internal and client side teams.
  • Work with the technology, project management, and account teams to define deliverables and timelines.
  • End-to-end development of software systems from architecture and design through development to deployments and maintenance.
  • Manage other developers.
  • Experiment with and evaluates new technologies
  • Understand business problems to be solved, and provide technical direction and solutions during project discovery, definition and delivery.
  • Provide input on estimates for projects for all technical disciplines, and involves other discipline leads where appropriate.
  • Ensure quality of all technical outputs meets expectations.


  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience. Academic excellence preferred.
  • 5+ years experience with web frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC, PHP, Salis, or Ruby on Rails (we mostly work in .NET developing in a Rails or MVC like framework).
  • 5+ years experience with databases and database applications (we mostly use SQL Server).
  • 5+ years industry experience in technology, specifically in application development and ideally senior application development roles with management experience.
  • Solid understanding of programming fundamentals and development process and strategies (ie: software development models, TDD, unit tests, domain driven design, etc.).
  • Analytic, problem-solving, and conceptual skills.
  • Team orientation and sparkling interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work in a detail-oriented fashion without losing sight of the overall picture.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent customer service skills.

Professional accreditations considered.

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