Senior Platform Application Developer – Contract

Do you have a passion for platform development? Do you love not only exceeding existing client needs but also building out capabilities to stay ahead of the competition? Do you love to surprise and delight everyone in the room with cool (and useful) new features and functionality?

If you answered yes – we’re looking for you! We need detail oriented, architecturally strong software developers who know how to get things done. Client needs- we’ve got them. Aggressive platform roadmaps- we’ve got them too!
We’re looking for people who enjoy taking on big tasks, working with the team to develop a road map and want to roll up their sleeves and help write some of the best code in the business.

We’re not picky about what tools, languages or frameworks you know. We want to know how smart you are and what you’ve accomplished. Our belief is that if you have the “right stuff” learning a new language or framework is much easier than learning how to be the kind of motivated leader who will succeed here at Klick.

Of course this assumes you’re open-minded about the tools you use and more interested in the type and complexity of the problems you’ll get to solve than the tools you’ll use to solve them.
That said, you’ll get to work with some pretty awesome technologies. We’re always experimenting with cloud services (we love AWS) like Lambda, Dynamo DB, S3, EBS and RDS. Help us find more cool stuff!


  • End-to-end development of software platforms from design and architecture to coding, support and maintenance
  • Creating proofs of concept, MVPs and platform enhancements.
  • Provide input to technology leadership, product management and roadmaps to define deliverables and timelines.
  • Experiment with and evaluate new technologies and bringing some fun new ideas to the table.
  • Ability to triage client requests while still working towards a broader aspirational platform roadmap.


  • 4+ years experience with web frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC, Node.js or Java (we mostly work in .NET).
  • 4+ years experience with databases and database applications (we primarily use Postgres).
  • Solid understanding of programming fundamentals, development process and strategies (ie: OOP, SOA, TDD, Unit Testing).
  • Analytic, problem-solving, and conceptual skills.
  • Team orientation and sparkling interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work in a detail-oriented fashion without losing sight of the overall picture.
  • Ability to have fun and approach big projects with an open mind.


  • Your head won’t explode if we talk to you about Dependency Injection.
  • Successful experiences with Agile.
  • Experience with continuous integration & deployment tools.

We expect all of our developers to be exceptionally proficient at coding. As a self-check, you should be able to do the following two questions in your sleep using your favourite programming language.
• Reverse a simple words-only sentence (“bob likes dogs” -> “dogs likes bob”)
• Join two tables on a field using SQL

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