Data Architect II

Our Platforms team works to manage marketing and analytics data to orchestrate campaigns and drive insights. We need a Senior Developer that help develop applications that process data, provide client portals and customize platforms. The platforms we leverage include Adobe, Salesforce, Veeva, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft.NET and Python.

We’re not picky about what tools, languages or frameworks you know. Specific tool experience is not a requirement, we are looking for candidates that are able to show accomplishment in leveraging platform technologies to deliver solutions and experiences that meet client needs. Our belief is that if you have the “right stuff” learning a new language or framework is much easier than learning how to be the kind of motivated team member who will succeed here at Klick.

Provides input to the technology leadership, project management and account teams to define deliverables and timelines.
End-to-end development of software systems from architecture and design through development to deployments and maintenance.
Experiment with and evaluate new technologies.
Production support, triage and debugging
Testing, documentation and deployments

Deep experience in SQL and database platforms such as Postgres or SQL Server
4+ years developing backend or web applications
Experience in some of the cloud database platforms such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon DynamoDB, Google BigQuery, Azure SQL, etc.
Experience with data integration technologies and methodologies such as ETL tools, real time data integration, event streams, etc.
Solid understanding of programming fundamentals and development process and strategies (ie: software development models, TDD, unit tests, domain driven design, etc.).
Analytical, problem-solving, and conceptual skills.
Team orientation and collaborative.
Ability to work in a detail-oriented fashion without losing sight of the overall picture.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Bonus Points:
Postsecondary education in Computer Science, Engineering, the Sciences or Mathematics.
Experience with continuous deployment tools.
Experience working in a consulting role and/or within an agency context.
Experience working with activity feed data from various channels such as media, email and web activity.
Experience working with enterprise media and digital platforms such as Adobe Experience Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Datorama, Amazon Web Services
Experience in cloud application architecture patterns such as serverless

We expect all of our developers to be exceptionally proficient at coding. As a self check, you should be able to do the following two questions in a very short time using your favourite programming language.

Reverse a simple words-only sentence (“bob likes dogs” -> “dogs likes bob”)
Join two tables on a field using SQL

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