Resource Manager

The Resource Manager role exists to drive efficiency and effectiveness of talent allocation and optimization across the Client Success Team (CST). To accomplish this they will work closely with Practice Leads and the Project Management Organization (PMO) to ensure clarity of work, alignment of skillsets and load balancing of effort. Incrementally, this role will look for deficiencies, gaps and opportunities to expand our talent pool based on day-to-day requests and experiences.

Specific responsibilities of the Resource Manager are broken down as follows:

Talent Optimization Process & Infrastructure Creation
● Works with senior stakeholders to establish KPIs for talent optimization, and goals for improvement
● Researches and defines a current (near-term) performance baseline
● Tracks progress vs. baseline and goals at a practice and sub-practice lead level
● Establishes and implements a talent optimization process and reporting infrastructure to facilitate:
o Load balancing of talent pool
o Mitigation of down time¬
o Role gap analysis
o Practice leadership decision-making around team management and hiring

Talent Needs Assessment & Forecasting
● Maintains a high-level understanding of the status of all ongoing short-term work across the CST including team and talent allocation
● Works with the PMO to improve line of site to new work (ideally one-month out)
● Uses forecast to proactively ameliorate periods of reduced work by providing the practice leads with the necessary information to load balance across CSTs
● Works with senior stakeholders on capacity planning so that future projects are adequately staffed with regard to team size and skill set

Talent Allocation & Load Balancing
● Consults with practice leads and PMs, as required, to assign staff on individual projects, taking into account each team member’s skills, client experience, disease state awareness and brand knowledge, as well as project timelines and requirements
● Works with PMs and leads to prioritize deliverables where excess work exists
● Fields ad-hoc talent assignment requests from PMs on a day-to-day basis and solutions by identifying craft team members with the requisite capability and optimal capacity with escalations to senior stakeholders when solutions are not readily available
● Works with practice leads to optimize the fluidity of our workflow, embracing an agile mindset in solutioning unplanned accelerations, delays, and cancellations
● Works to improve employee satisfaction by streamlining workflow and assigning work based on interest level wherever possible
● Identifies and implements opportunities to improve both our day-to-day longer term forecasting

Risk Management
● Works with leads and delivery team members to ensure that the team is able to meet expected deadlines including escalations when surges are expected / experienced
● Acts as an additional set of eyes for situations where timeline or budget may be at risk and escalates to the appropriate PM or PD
● Assists in mitigating project, portfolio and client risks through collaborative interactions with the PMO, and practice leads as appropriate

Operational Excellence and Efficiency
● Actively identifies and socializes areas where operational improvements would be beneficial and brings key stakeholders together to discuss potential optimizations / solutions
● Helps to ensure delivery optimization processes are understood and implemented across the CST
● Facilitates cross-practice interactions and assists in managing collaboration challenges that arise
● Advocates for and reinforces the importance of providing the ultimate client experience
● Participates in innovation and efficiency knowledge share between CSTs as appropriate
● Advocates for incorporation and adoption of platforms and tools within the CST and provides feedback to senior stakeholders on how these platforms and tools might evolve to better meet the CST needs

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