Director, Digital Strategist – Toronto/NYC/Philly/Boston/Chicago

I’m Cam and I head up the Strategy and Analytics teams here at Klick Health! These teams work with our clients to help define solutions to their marketing challenges and bring them ideas that can grow their business. We work with our creative and user experience teams to bring these solutions to life. Then we measure the results of the work to make sure it is delivering value to our clients’ business and develop insights and recommendations to optimize it and continually improve how, when and where info is accessed and messages are conveyed.

Taking on as many new clients as Klick has planned for the rest of this year means my team is about to get spread too thin so I’m looking for a Digital Marketing Strategist to join our team immediately. This role will be right for you if you have a deep understanding of digital marketing, love solving business problems and have a passion for marketing innovation in the digital space.

As a Strategist at Klick Health, you’ll work under a VP who will lead the overall strategy work for the assigned group of clients or brands you support. You’re an expert at showing clients how to connect directly with consumers and indirectly through key influencers. You’ll need to feel comfortable standing in front of a group of clients leading a discussion (could be anything from brainstorming to a pitch) on integrated digital marketing solutions. You’ll need to feel equally at home diving into the preparation of specific recommendations and tactical plans. This could include any or alll of: media, CRM, website, social, SEM.

This will not be “your first rodeo” in a strategy consulting role. You’ll come to us having acquired experience in a variety of marketing roles/disciplines with the common thread being a focus on the digital marketing landscape. Experience in the healthcare sector would be an asset (without it be prepared to impress me with how you’ve built credibility with an audience of experts in a field you where you were out gunned). I won’t give a specific number or even a range when it comes to years of experience but let me say this instead, I need a mature busy savvy professional with the energy to be a one man/woman band when they need to be and the maturity to know who to ask for help and when.

When you come to meet with me I’ll want to hear about how you have developed integrated digital strategies and tactical plans to deliver business results – the insights, the recommendations and the results that you are proud of. I’d like to find out what type of work environment you like, what interests you about working at Klick, and to see whether we click.

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Change Your Reality

Over Twenty years ago, Klick Health set out with a bold vision and a simple promise: to shape the future of digital health. Today, we’re the No. 1 independent digital health agency in the world. And we’re growing. Fast.

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