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Hi, I’m Kaleena Ly, Director of Communications Design at Klick Health. I’m looking for a passionate communication designer to help Klick redefine the industry standard for presentations and documents. Actually, no, scratch that. I don’t want to redefine the industry standard. I want to produce the world’s best work. Period.

Things are always changing here at Klick and we have an exciting year ahead of us with lots of change to work through, which will mean lots of new pitches and new working concepts for branding and we’ll need your expertise to help us showcase these new ideas and help our team blow our clients away. Together, we’re going to change how the 700+ incredibly smart people at Klick communicate.

You are a seasoned graphic designer with a passion for communication design, taking pride in creating brilliant work to showcase our potential to our clients. You have strong abilities in layout design (editorial design, magazine layouts, strong typography skills, and infographics), and experience in designing presentations for consultancies is a huge plus. Needless to say, exceptional skills in Powerpoint, Keynote, and InDesign are a must.

You understand that great work needs a great deck to tell the story of all the thought and ideas really well. As a communication designer at Klick you’ll be asked to take content from business development, strategy, and creative teams and lay them out in a considered, beautiful story.

You get chills when your audience really gets it and you cringe when you see text running off the page. People appreciate your patience and ability to make the complex simple. You speak about communication design whenever you can. You’re the person others turn to when they get stuck with a visual problem.

Lastly, you’re brave. You’re going to be part of helping create something new, something that doesn’t exist in other agencies. The impact you have will be very strongly felt, but as with anything new, getting there will require adventure and exploration.

If I’ve described you, I have the job of your life waiting.

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Our people are Awesome. And we’ve noticed that Awesome people know other Awesome people. Employee referrals are our single largest and most successful source of candidates here at Klick.

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Change Your Reality

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