A little bit about Klick

Klick is a different kind of company.

Klick uses technology to connect the people who invent and sell treatments for serious medical conditions with healthcare workers, patients, and the people who care for them.
As a company, we operate quite differently. We use data to empower our practice and our culture. We believe that technology can unlock human achievement, and have built the tools and environment for the very best minds to flourish.
Our People
Giving Back

We give back a lot

Klick puts the power of philanthropy in the hands of our employees through our Klick Cares and Klick It Forward programs.
We empower employees to decide where Klick gives by allowing Klicksters to vote for the initiatives that have had the most impact on their lives.


Klicksters get involved, whether by raising their hand to be on a committee for one of our charitable campaigns or by being chosen to join one of our Klick Impact Experience trips, where they work together to transform their leadership abilities and a community in need.

We're working on something different for you. Our recruiting site is getting a refresh. All open positions listed are up to date and waiting for the right person to apply.

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