What does 19 years of
40% annual growth
mean for People Experience?

What Growth Means

40% growth means one giant over-the-top challenge: how do we make our culture BETTER as we grow? Not just the same, not just holding on to some of the things we used to be, but truly, genuinely better.

About the practice

We are people champions. We design and support innovative, personalized, and meaningful Klickster experiences.

How do we do it?

We have advocates aligned per division & department allowing us to intimately understand each different group. Creating an opportunity to build real relationships. Both with the individuals and the various leaders of each group. Which in turn allows us to design, create and support tailored programs & experiences that resonate with their personalization and thoughtfulness.

The big buckets of things we are responsible for are on-boarding, recognition, giving back, events, concierge, internal communication, lunch & learns, health and wellness, and celebration. We experiment. Constantly.

How Genome Helps Us

Genome tools currently being used by the People Experience department: Chatter, News, Events tool, Klick Academy (our LMS), Candidate 360, Project 360, Concierge, People Experience homepage, Quicksilver, Project pages, Tickets, Budgets, Purchase Orders, Vacation tool, Expense Claims, My Hiring, Weekly Review, Talent 360, Klick It Forward, Travel Requests, Seating Map, Org Chart, Board Room Calendars, Reporting, Meeting Booking Tool and probably about 5 new things since we last updated this copy.

Completely. Totally. Indispensable.

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Sorry, we currently do not have any positions available for this team.

Team Blog Posts
The WebAward program, now in its 17th year, is the longest running annual website competition dedicated to naming the best websites in 96 different industries, and setting the standard of excellence in web development. Last week they announced their 2013 batch of winners, and we’re proud to say that 5 of our sites have been recognized.
Today, we’re launching our “What is Culture?” video within a new recruitment website that is designed to provide prospective talent with a glimpse into how we see the world.
Our Mojo
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