Director, Compensation

Hello, I’m Glen Webster, SVP Finance, and I’ve determined that Klick needs some help. Part of my team’s job is to support the rest of our organization of more than 600 people with anything that intersects with compensation. For this role, that means supporting the hiring, discharge, incentive structure, and raise decisions (primarily from a financial perspective). Of course, we’re always considering the personal impact of these decisions too, so we’d love to have someone that can make our team stronger in this respect too.

Klick is a place that doesn’t have traditional “HR”, partly because we see our people as more than “resources”. Our culture is one of the main reasons Klick has been consistently named one of the best workplaces in the country. Our People Operations group supports that culture with training, communication, and engagement programs.

Within the Finance team, I’d like someone to help our department heads:

  • Guarantee that Klick is fiercely competitive, sometimes unfairly so, in the total compensation that we offer those individuals that are game-changers for our business;
  • Revolutionize our annual compensation review process
  • Incorporate market data into every compensation decision
  • Manage the creation and maintenance of bespoke incentive structures that fulfill their objectives
  • Develop options for compensation packages at every stage of the employment lifecycle and guide communication thereof

Here’s the background of the person that I think will be most successful in this role:

  • 2-4 years as a compensation specialist
  • 10-15 years of experience in people practices (non-traditional HR)
  • Highly empathetic, great listener, strong communicator – a leader in soft skills
  • Experience with compensation for dozens of different types of roles
  • Experience in, and enjoyment of, a rapid growth environment
  • Knowledge of how professional service firms work
  • University degree in a relevant field
  • Finger on the pulse of market data and industry trends
  • Canadian and U.S. experience would be useful

We’re very picky about who we hire and this role may be trickier than most. On the one hand, we want someone who’s an expert in these things, so that we can learn and grow. On the other hand, we want someone who’s going to be a natural fit in Klick’s culture and with our leadership team. If you think you’re up for this challenge then please reach out to our recruiting team!

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Our people are Awesome. And we’ve noticed that Awesome people know other Awesome people. Employee referrals are our single largest and most successful source of candidates here at Klick.

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